iPhone Photography

Something that has been on my mind lately is a passion I have for art and photography. My problem is that I don’t have a professional camera, though my fiancée says that I have full permission to use the family camera. The thing about using a professional camera is that they generally take up quite a bit of space between them and the equipment. Something that I have been reading about lately, is how to take professional photos with the iPhone. I have even seen some amazing photos that have been taken by iPhone Photography that are just magnificent to say the least. 

I am thinking about creating a page here on Uplinklounge specifically for iPhone Photography and for art. As visitors, I ask that if you like the content that you see, to please subscribe and follow us here at Uplinklounge and spread the word.

Video Game Design Great News!

How many people have wanted to design their own video games? Personally I am one of those people who constantly look of video game design on a daily bases, trying to come up with ideas for a great new video game! However, I was always limited on learning due to the fact that most game engines out there are very costly. When I was at work the other day, I had the great privilege of getting to talk to a computer engineer who has done programming for various video game companies. From talking to this guy, I had learned some interesting news about the video game design world that greatly excited me! What is this news you may ask? Well the answer to that is free; yes that’s right I said free. Unreal Engine 4 produced by Epic Games went free to the public rather then monthly payments; Unity3d though once having a free version of their product, recently released their professional version for, you guessed it, free! What these companies are doing is rather than paying monthly or yearly for their products, they decided to open them up to the public for free, and in turn they receive some sort of gratuity percentage based off of how much you earn for the video games you design. For Unreal Engine 4, I believe its 5% of your earnings go to Epic Games, whereas Unity3d doesn’t take anything from you unless you make over $100,000 in a year which at that point the only thing you are required to pay for is their iOS and android kits.

Another great thing that Epic Games is doing, is that they are releasing their new Unreal Tournament video game free, to those who use their engine. The reason behind this, is they are allowing for open cooperation from the community to help design and build their most renown hit game. Another thing that is great about doing this, is that for anyone who helps design the levels for Unreal Tournament, they could use that as a portfolio for applying to video game companies.

With all of that being said, I have just finished installing Unreal Engine 4, and will be downloading Unreal Tournament as well so not only can I learn how to develop video games, but I can also put forth contribution to a game I have grown to love over the years, as well as starting my portfolio for video game design. That being said, you may see more focus on modeling and video game design here at Uplinklounge, with a few posts from time to time about various other topics.

New Content

Hello everyone and again, welcome to Uplinklounge! I apologize for the lack of content recently, but I am planning to make a comeback and start writing more. I urge everyone who visits our site,  to please register to our newsletter so that we may inform you of upcoming posts. Having that in mind, something else to consider is that from time to time we will post great things in our newsletter that may not be available here. In order to contact me, please feel free to send me an email at supergate@uplinklounge.com

What are the Standard Size of Windows

As someone who works in the doors and window business, there are many questions that I come across on a daily basis. One question in particular that seems to get asked the most, though it is asked in many various ways is “what are the standard size of windows?” To be honest, that is a very great question to ask. So what are the standard size of windows? Typically when I have a home builder or a contractor come in to see me, 9/10 times they end up custom ordering windows rather then buying the standard windows we have in stock. So why, do builders and contractors custom order windows which takes time, rather then grabbing standard stock windows off of the shelf?

For home builders, they typically go off of the blueprints that are provided to them by the architect. The window sizes that are provided in the blueprints are usually based around the pre-designed styles that a home owner decides to go with. Those style of windows, typically end up being anywhere to several inches bigger to being several inches smaller than what is considered standard. That being said, when builders custom order the windows based off of those pre-determined sizes, the windows themselves typically end up being much more expensive. The same thing generally applies to contractors as well, since they are normally replacing windows that broke.

For those that are building new homes, make sure to take a look at the windows in your blueprints. It doesn’t hurt to grab the sizes from those blueprints and take them to your nearest Lowe’s and take a look at what they have in stock. The windows are generally great quality windows and for must less cost than if your builders would have to order the custom sizes on the blueprints. Generally speaking, even if you were wanting to have a couple of windows side by side against each other, it is significantly cheaper to go with the in stock windows and order the mull kits for those windows to put them together.

Anyone using a contractor for replacing or fixing broken windows, your decisions can go a couple of different ways. Lets say you are replacing a window and it is something that isn’t normally carried in stock. How much would it be to replace that window with the exact size? Something else to think about is, how much would it cost in comparison to buy a stock size and have your contractor change the size of your opening to fit the stock window? These are all things to consider when having your windows replaced.

Change in Direction

Hello everyone and thank you for visiting uplinklounge.com. Our site was originally forum based, however I wanted to take a different change in direction. That change in direction that we wanted to go to, is more blogged based then what we did before. Another difference and change in pace, is that instead of focusing on just technology related subjects, we will now broaden our focus to a variety of different things. Please keep in mind however, that technology topics will not go away, and will always remain as a valuable part of our site.